SJ Reynolds

name Stefan J. Reynolds is a working actor, acting teacher, amateur film maker and writer.

Stefan has been cast in numerous television commercials for such global companies as Nintendo, Vodafone, Continental and a host of others. He has also been involved in literally hundreds of short film and amateur film productions.

In addition to writing and producing his own short films, Stefan has also performed practically every job possible on a live film set, including camera operator, lighting, boom operator, 1st Assistant Director, 2nd Assistant Director, runner and the guy who gets the pizza.

Stefan has helped hundreds of students begin their acting career through introductory acting classes as well as his popular book TV Commercial Audition Success which focuses on achieving greater success during the audition process.

Stefan is committed to assisting actors and film makers to achieving more, creating more and learning more about their craft.

Acting Tips on What To Wear & NOT Wear At Auditions

30th July 2009
This is an extremely important part of auditioning. You should always dress for auditions, according to the "type" or "character" being cast. Know what you have been type cast for and wear appropriate clothing to match. This information should be clearly ... Read >

Improvise To Win More Auditions

25th July 2009
Personally, I believe good improvisation skills are one of the greatest assets an actor can posses, regardless of whether you are doing TV commercials, film, TV or theatre. I've heard it said that up to 50% of auditions will require some form of improvisa... Read >